Double Degree in Primary Education and Early Childhood Education



These dual-track studies offer the possibility of simultaneously completing the Degrees of Primary Education and Early Childhood Education and obtaining thus two undergraduate degrees, as stipulated in the UEx Management Resolution of July 29, 2011 (DOE No. 156 of August 12 from 2011).

It is a dual-track program established by the UEx Governing Council. To be able to access this dual degree plan, students must earn, through early registration, a place in both degree programs.

Likewise, an application form must be sent to the Center Management Team at the time of pre-registration or registration (click here).

For the student's convenience, a program has been developed that guarantees an on-site (non-virtual) educational model and takes into account automatic transfer credit recognition.

The study program is structured over a 5 year period, since it is considered the minimum reasonable amount of time to complete two degrees.

The students who successfully complete the program will obtain two official diplomas, the Degree in Primary Education and the Early Childhood Education Degree.

The prices per credit of the second degree are regulated by a special agreement (pclick here).

For students with specific educational needs related to a disability, more information is available here.