The Master’s Degree in Educational Psychology



The Master's Degree in Educational Psychology is the natural heir to the previous studies of the Bachelor’s in Educational Psychology. The character of the master's degree is fundamentally a professional one, and it is aimed mainly at active professionals already working in the field, as well as other graduates seeking to update or specialize their education.

Educational Psychology combines the academic and investigative experiences of disciplines from different traditions which converge in a similar area of reflection, research and professional training, such as educational psychology, school guidance, curricular counseling, or special education.

From the hand of expert teachers in the diagnosis and evaluation of psychoeducational needs, you will acquire the necessary knowledge to respond to needs and problems that arise in:

  • Educational and professional orientation
  • Diversity in education
  • The teaching and learning processes and their difficulties in the framework of an inclusive school:
    • Pervasive developmental disorders and ADHD
    • High IQ
    • Intellectual disabilities and sensory deficits

Students with specific educational needs related to a disability

For students with specific educational needs related to a disability, more information is available here.